Want to Get Rhinoplasty or Liposuction: Consider The Best In Business!

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, you may want to explore two of the most popular procedures, namely, rhinoplasty Limassol and liposuction. Both procedures have different purposes, procedures, and benefits, so it’s important to research before deciding if one of these procedures is right for you.




Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure used to reshape the nose. It is also known as a “nose job” and can be used to address a variety of issues, including a deviated septum, crooked noses, or noses that are too large or too small.

The rhinoplasty procedure itself begins with an incision being made inside the nose or across the columella. This incision allows the surgeon access to the structures that need to be manipulated to reshape the nose. The surgeon will then remove any unwanted tissue or bone to create the desired shape of the nose and may also use cartilage from the septum or ear to create additional support for the new shape. Finally, the surgeon will close the incision and place a splint or bandage on the nose to help protect it and reduce swelling during the healing process.

Rhinoplasty Cyprus can be performed under both local and general anesthesia. The results of rhinoplasty are often permanent and can drastically improve facial aesthetics.


Liposuction is another popular cosmetic surgery procedure. This procedure is designed to remove fat deposits from specific areas of the body such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, back, or arms to create a more contoured figure. The procedure starts with a tiny incision in the area where fat is being removed. A thin tube called a cannula is then inserted through this incision and into the fat layer beneath the skin. The cannula is moved around to break up fat cells before suctioning them away from the body.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery:

In addition, there are several benefits associated with having these procedures performed:

  • Cost: Plastic surgery in Cyprus is typically more affordable than having it done in other countries such as the United States or Canada.
  • Quality: The medical facilities in Cyprus provide high-quality care with experienced surgeons who specialize in cosmetic surgery.

About Dr. Stavros Economou:

Dr. Stavros Economou is one of the top plastic surgeons whom you can consult. Whether you are looking for rhinoplasty, liposuction Limassol, or any other surgical treatment, he is among the finest choice.

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